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Remains of the Berlin Wall
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Author:  Eviana_Kruspe [ Tue Mar 19, 2013 12:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Remains of the Berlin Wall

What do you guys think about the situation that's going on with the remains of the Wall? Should the country completely demolish it or keep it up?

Author:  BeeKay [ Tue Mar 19, 2013 2:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Remains of the Berlin Wall

^ Excellent question! I readily acknowledge that I may completely miss much of the perspective that someone living in Germany - or the rest of Europe - would have, but I think it's crucial that it be preserved as a site of historic importance. Once it's demolished - it's gone for good. And that would be a crime.

Here is an article and audio about this: ... erved.html

Author:  Kettenhund [ Tue Mar 19, 2013 2:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Remains of the Berlin Wall

The thing that is going on with the remaining Berlin wall only includes one small part of the protected East side gallery. Which is the world's largest outdoor gallery. It is about 1,3 Km long. A building company wants to build a block of luxury apartments there. There already was a space in that part of the wall where they could built it, but it turned out the space was a bit too small and they would have to tear down a bit more.
This was stopped twice because thousands of Berliners, celibrities and polticicians went out to protest. They were going to have a meeting about it in the 18 of March. I don't know what they decided. But even if that part was to be torn down, since it is part of the East side gallery, it would be taken down carefully and placed somewhere else. Like many pieces already have been.

They are not talking about simply tearing down what remains of the wall and have no trace of it. I'm sure there are people who would want this, but I don't think that will ever happen. There is a lot of the wall left in several places in Berlin. Right across from where I usually live there is a long part left along the whole street, protected by fences so people wont vandalise it. Then there is a longer part left in Wedding/Spandau, about 210 meters long, complete with watch towers, barbwire and everything.

The Berlin wall is a huge tourist attraction and the remaining parts are kept as a reminder of what has happened in the city. Just like all the other famous ruins: The Memorial church, Anhalter train station, the Franciscan church ruin, the original city wall from 1200 and several other things, newer things like Tränenpalats (palace of tears) - the borderstation between East and West named after all the tearfilled farewells.
So I guess in a way Honecker was right... the wall will be there for probably a hundred more years at least. Just not the way he thought it would. :P

This is the part across from where I usually live, sort of between Potsdamer Platz and Checkpoint Charlie.


It's a bit creepy and depressing, but it will always be there. Probably the other remaining parts too.

EDIT: Adding these. Just to show that even parts that have been "torn down" are usually preserved somewher else. Entire sections have even been sold to places all over the world as art.
The longer part is at Potsdamer Platz. And the section with the red star above it is outside the Wall museum at Checkpoint Charlie.


Oh, and that torn down government building that was mentioned in BK's article - that was Palast der Republik. Erich Honecker had the remains of the old castle blown up to build that ugly monster of a building. It was enormous and ugly and took up a large part of that area. Lots of people hated it and it could not even be used most of the time - it was simply too big. They could not afford to heat the place so it rotted and noone - except for a few DDR romantics - wanted to preserve it. It was nicknamed Erich's lampshop because it was a big empty building with glass windows showing off the huge ugly chandeliers inside. :lol:

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